Surveyors are the experts in getting the most out of property. They use their expert knowledge and training to offer professional advice on construction and property, to make sure the most value is gained from projects.

Surveying Careers

The work and responsibility is varied. From city skyscrapers to sporting stadiums, forests to festival sites, shopping centres to the homes we live in, surveyors manage it all, across the globe. They are responsible for entire projects, from overseeing planning, design, and construction, right through to occupation, sustainable usage, and even demolition and redevelopment. These are some of the jobs you can do in Surveying:

Agency Surveyor

  • Purchase land and secure funding
  • Ensuring compliance with the conditions of the tenancy
  • Negotiate terms for landlords and tenants

Development Surveyor

  • Manage relationships
  • Understand the needs of the client
  • Identify opportunities for development through research

Building Surveyor

  • Advise on energy efficiency, environmental impact and sustainable construction
  • Deal with planning applications and advise on property legislation and building regulations
  • Determine the condition of existing buildings, identify and analyse defects, including proposals for repair

Quantity Surveyor

  • Establish the client's requirements and undertake feasibility studies to ensure their proposals will work
  • Prepare scheme designs with costings, programmes for completion of projects and specification of works
  • Identify, analyse and develop responses to commercial risks

Project Manager

  • Work out budgets, teams and resources
  • Identify and manage risks to the project
  • Regular reporting to the client and your management

Facilities Surveyor

  • Procurement and contract management
  • Project manage, supervise and coordinate the work of contractors
  • Ensure buildings meet health and safety requirement

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Fun Fact

The plant Japenese Knotweed gives building surveyors nightmares! It is described by the Environment Agency as ‘indisputably the UK’s most aggressive and destructive invasive plant’. Mortgage lenders often refuse to lend on affected properties and it can devalue a property by up to 50% of market value.

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