Planning consultants advise on a range of matters, including what can be built where and the influence of environmental, economic, and social considerations on space. Chartered planners undertake a number of roles, such as informing land purchase decisions and facilitating urban regeneration programmes, as well as residential, employment, retail, and leisure development. These roles include:

Planning Careers

Planners provide specialist advice to clients and are skilled in understanding the processes and techniques required to increase the likelihood of achieving planning permission, whilst ensuring that the planning and production of the project run smoothly.

City Planner

  • Planning energy-efficient, affordable housing
  • Making sure planning regulations are followed on projects
  • Listening to the local community’s opinions at meetings you run

Environmental Planner

  • Assess the effects of planning proposals on people or the environment
  • Research and design planning policies to guide development
  • Keep up to date with environmental legislation

Urban Designer

  • Understand the needs of the people using the space through research
  • Work with planners and surveyors to ensure local policies and guidelines are followed
  • Building relationships with planners, architects, politicians and local community

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Waterloo Bridge which crosses the River Thames in London is also known as the Ladies Bridge due to the fact that the majority of the construction team were women!

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