Calling all budding local property heroes!! Enter the Property Needs You Challenge!

There are five (yes – FIVE!) internships with some major global property firms, including Savills, JLL and CBRE, up for grabs in the Property Needs You 2023 challenge.

All you need to do is nominate a space near you that you think needs some love, tell us the reason for your nomination and how you would like it to look!

The extended challenge deadline is midnight on 17th January 2024, allowing plenty of time for entry preparation over the holidays.

Download our handy worksheet to help with your submission

Doing this as a team or part of a school project?

Download our handy worksheet print out to help you host your very own Property Needs You challenge workshop.

Step 1 - Pick the place

Pick a space in your town, city, school, or neighbourhood that you think could do with a makeover! It can be a building, a park, a street, or a station – any kind of space that you would love to give a bit of love.

Property Needs You Challenge Step 1

Step 2 - See the potential

Get thinking about the possibilities! What could the space you’ve chosen be? What could it do, and who can you see using it to its full potential?

Property Needs You Challenge Step 2

Step 3 - Design your ideas

Create your new vision! Whether it’s a sketch, a mood board, a minecraft creation or maybe even plasticine! Bring your ideas to life and show us how the new space will look!

Property Needs You Challenge Step 3

Step 4 - Write up your pitch

Get presentation ready! Showcase the main features of your new design, why you’ve designed it the way you have and who you’ve designed it for.

Property Needs You Challenge Step 4

Step 5 - Submit to our judges!

Ready to show your stuff to our judges?

Details of our submission form are below OR post about your ideas on Instagram using the hashtag #PropertyNeedsYou and our team will pick it up!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for further updates!

Property Needs You Challenge Step 5

How to submit your entry

Simply fill out our online form to get your ideas over to our judges.

Remember – you have until 17th January 2024 to submit!!

Terms and conditions apply.