Building Surveyor

Also known as a “Project Manager”

Building surveyors give advice on the design of a building and how it can be built, maintained and repaired.

The role includes inspecting properties and writing reports on their findings (a building survey). The report will tell the client what works need to be carried out on the building, how long it will take and how much it will cost. As well as advising on repairs building surveyor advise on how to look after and maintain buildings and how they can become more environmentally friendly.

Key aspects of the role:

  • Advise on energy efficiency, environmental impact and sustainable construction
  • Deal with planning applications and advise on property legislation and building regulations
  • Determine the condition of existing buildings, identify and analyse defects, including proposals for repair
  • Advise on the management and supervision of maintenance of buildings

Beneficial skills & interests in this role:

  • Good IT skills, including computer-aided design (CAD)
  • The ability to analyse problems in order to identify solutions
  • A logical and practical mind
  • Good oral and written communication skills

How much can I earn?

Depending on where in the UK you decide to work, your salary will be higher or lower. Check out our salary map to see what you could earn.

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London Building Surveyor salaries*
Apprentice (L6):£17,800
Newly qualified:£34,000
Partner / Director:£75,000
London Building Surveyor salaries*
Apprentice (L6):£17,800
Newly qualified:£34,000
Partner / Director:£75,000

* Salaries are an estimate and may vary

Career paths into this role

  • Apprentice route
    You could qualify as an Agency Surveyor whilst working in a supporting role. You study alongside your practical experience

  • Graduate route
    You’ll need an RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) accredited undergraduate or postgraduate degree. You’ll usually need 5 GCSEs (9-4) and 3 A Levels to get onto a degree course, but you might be able to use other qualifications

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