About Us

Property Needs You was established in 2012 with the aim to raise awareness of careers in the built environment and to help young people, parents, teachers, and career advisors to understand the opportunities available in the sector.

What is Property Needs You?

Property Needs You is a collaboration between twelve of the UK’s largest real estate consultancies. We work with young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors to help young people make the most of the career opportunities the property sector offers.

We raise awareness of the different careers available in property and the built environment, as well as through our activities online, at events, in schools and universities and across industry.

Our Impact

Schools visited since 2012
Young people engaged with
Real estate consultancies

Our mission

  • Engage with students to help them discover the variety of career opportunities in the built environment

  • Inform careers advisers to help their students make informed decisions on career opportunities

  • Inspire the next generation of real estate professionals from all backgrounds and cultures

  • Challenge the stereotypical perceptions of careers in the built environment and broaden horizons

Our Partners

Below are our partners and the team that makeup Changing the Face of Property (CTFOP).

Get involved!

Are you an individual looking to inspire young people in your field? Or an organisation wanting to make an impact on the property market of the future? Find out here how you can collaborate with us. Let’s work together to enthuse enquiring minds.