Get Involved

Want to be part of Property Needs You? There are a number of different ways you can get involved with us. If you’re a school or college, we can connect you to ambassadors and companies who can help inspire your students with stories about how they accessed the industry.


School/College collaboration

We are always looking for schools to collaborate with! Through partnerships, we can help guide young people into the property sector and give them an even wider range of resources. This could come in the form of job openings, events, courses, or other information. Use our contact form to chat more about working together.


Individual inspiration

If you are a parent or teacher and looking for information about careers in real estate get in touch and we will tell you if we are at a school or careers fair near you. And if you work for one of our member companies you could feature on our website, telling the story of your property journey. We’d love to have you on board to inspire future generations with your experience. Get in touch to find out how.

Calling all budding local property heroes!! Enter the Property Needs You Challenge!

There are five (yes – FIVE!) internships with some major global property firms, including JLL, Savills and CBRE, up for grabs in the Property Needs You challenge.

All you need to do is check out our Property Needs You Challenge page which details our challenge and share it with your students (or maybe just share the URL?).

It couldn’t be easier (the challenge closes on 17th December 2023, so do it now!)

Our impact

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    Schools visited since 2012
  • 8720
    Young people engaged with
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    Real estate consultancies

Why join in?

If you’re in the property industry, odds are, you enjoy building or creating. The satisfaction of something you designed or made having an impact on others around you. The reward of your effort affecting the way others live their lives.

That’s what we enjoy too. We enjoy creating opportunities for the younger generation to succeed in this sector. We love building the stepping stones for young people to find out more. We’re rewarded by seeing them enthusiastic, inspired, engaged in a purpose. And we’re even more satisfied when we can collaborate and share others’ expertise so that our audience gets a well-rounded experience.

What do you get? Apart from the joy of helping young people on this path, you get connected to enthusiastic potential employees, the future of the property market.

Contact us

To find more out about careers in the built environment or collaborating with us please email us at or use the contact form and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Thanks!