With real estate sitting at the heart of everything careers in the built environment go beyond surveying and planning. These roles include:

Specialist Careers

H&S and Compliance Advisor

  • Ensure working practices are safe and comply with legislation
  • Prepare H&S strategies for businesses
  • Carry out site inspections to make sure H&S policies are being implemented

Financial and Data Analyst

  • Prepare reports for internal and external audiences using business analytics reporting tools
  • Manipulate, analyse and interpret complex data sets
  • Develop records management processes and policies

Sustainability Consultant

  • Understanding a building’s impact on the local community and eco-system
  • Develop practical and engaging sustainability strategies
  • Collect and analyse data and provide a report of your findings

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Graduate routes

Fun Fact

The 25 ft long Headington Shark can be found protruding from the roof of an ordinary terraced house in Oxford. Despite Oxford City Council trying to have it removed on the grounds that it was dangerous to the public,engineers pronounced the erection safe and six years later it received retrospective planning permission.

In 2014 it was voted the 24th most creative sculpture from around the world!

Career Path Options


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