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Here at Property Needs You, we help young people like you find their way. Maybe you want to build, maybe you want to sell, maybe you have no clue yet! Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. Take a look at all the options before you choose yours.

Property Needs You!

What’s the big deal? Property is everything. Every part of our life is influenced by property. Hospitals we’re born in. Houses we live in. Schools and universities we study in. And don’t forget all the shops and warehouses who supply us with things we need. Even the parks and countryside we enjoy are property-related. So it’s a really open career path.

Career Path Options


Which career is right for me?

Property has a huge range of careers, and if you’ve no clue where to start, that can be daunting. Never fear! Our quiz helps you work out what paths could fit your personality and skills. Best thing? There’s no wrong answers!

Project Explorer

Wanna see some of the best property projects? Check this out. We’ve got some serious facts to show you. Well, not serious, serious. Urgh. Interesting, fun serious. Oh, just take a look…

Start your journey

Already on your way? If you’re finished or finishing school and working out next steps, check out the different routes open to you. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, you know. Whether you’re looking for Apprenticeships or a Graduate career path, there’s something for everyone.

Graduate routes

Work it, baby!

If you wanna hit the ground running, take a look at the various jobs out there in the property industry. With descriptions, video testimonials, a UK salary map, pathways to roles, ideal soft skills (the sort of person you are) and even job vacancies, this is literally everything you need to know. Don’t say we don’t hook you up!

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Grown ups! It’s tough being an adult, expected to have all the answers. We get it. So we’re here to help you too. This is where we show you how to support your young people with seeing what’s out there, how to get it, and making an informed decision.