Career Profile

Career Profile: Surveying Apprentice

Name: Adelle Rhule-Martin

Job Title: Surveying Apprentice

There is never a dull day when working with properties, if I’m not dealing with a flood, it’s a fire, if not a fire, it’s a squatter, not a squatter, it’s rats, not rats then it’s pigeons or… maybe a ceiling has fallen down #AllFacts

I am a Surveying Apprentice within a Property Management Consultancy.

My role involves building and estate operations and maintenance so there are no concerns for the occupiers; in a nutshell I look after properties so tenants don’t have to. For example I ensure payments (e.g. rent) are set up to be paid correctly and on time. If this is done incorrectly then the property is at risk of being repossessed and the press will have a field day exploiting the client for missing payments.

As well as assisting with the treasury for clients, I deal with the estate issues in relation to maintenance, repairs and alterations. This ranges from organizing contractors to attend to repair and maintain the heating, windows, roofs etc. to projects involving arranging planning permission to erect new bike shelters and scaffolding.


  • GCSEs – Mathematics, Statistics, Business, English, Biology, Design & Technology, ICT, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • A Levels – Business, Mathematics and Biology

Further Qualifications

  • MRICS when I complete my apprenticeship.

What made you decide on a career in property?

I used to want to be an accountant because of my love for mathematics. However, during work experience within an accountancy department I realised this career was not suited to my character and personality as it lacked variety.

However, work experience at a real estate firm I instantly knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the property industry. I knew I wanted to work in a role that was client facing as I enjoy interacting with people and providing a quality service.  With global warming becoming increasingly prevalent across the world, I believe that the property industry is ideally positioned to change the environmental impacts humanity h on this world. Currently, buildings in Europe account for 40% of energy consumption, with transport and industry contributing the other 32% and 28% (Knauf Insulation 2015). 70% of the energy used in buildings goes towards heating & cooling and during my career I hope to contribute to getting this figure reduced. I will do this by recommending innovative and financially efficient ideas that will enable the insulation and ventilation of buildings and therefore reduce the amount of energy consumed.




Adelle Rhule-Martin

Surveying Apprentice

My career is my passion like Gok Wan with Fashion. Pursue a career in property and I’m sure it will surpass your expectations… it did for me.