Career Profile

Career Profile: Facilities Management

Name: Aleksandra Rawska

Job Title: Facilities Management

I work in the Facilities Management Team.

Working in a culture of empowerment allows me to get things done and gives me a real sense of achievement at all times.

My job requires a wide knowledge about property management including leasing, building designs, plumbing, people and supplier chain management, Health & Safety, accounting, budgeting, customer service, sustainability, auditing, events plus keeping up with changing building legislations to name a few! It’s about being versatile – switching from wearing a yellow hard hat on a building site visit to delivering a slick PowerPoint presentation to clients.  Most of all it is about being able to work with people and getting the best out of them.

Every day brings new challenges and it’s the unpredictability that makes it very exciting.


  • 1st High School in Slupsk, Poland – Graduated with excellent results (equivalent of A Level)
  • University – Pedagogic Academy in Slupsk, Poland -1st year of BA in psychology and sociology.

Aleksandra Rawska

Building Manager

I enjoy brain-storming new ideas to improve my buildings, but what I love to do best is to stand on the rooftops of my buildings overlooking London skyline. That gives me great pride to be managing some of London’s most desirable trophy buildings in such fantastic locations!