Career Profile

Career Profile: Graduate Scheme – Surveying

Name: Helen Haley

Job Title: Graduate Scheme – Surveying

I work in a Leisure and Restaurant Agency Team. Finding space for exciting new restaurant brands.

My team works to find new units for restaurants and also leasing units on behalf on the Landlord.  A really interesting part of the job is discovering new, exciting restaurants and concepts.  It can be really rewarding seeing people eating in a restaurant from a deal you’ve been involved in, or a unit that was a construction site when you were dealing with it, now a fully functioning restaurant, buzzing with people.


  • I did Biology, Chemistry and Geography for A Level
  • I have a degree in Geography
  • I am now studying for a Masters in Real Estate Development part–time alongside my job

Qualifications Achieved

  • Training on the job to become a chartered surveyor, MRICS

Helen Haley

Assistant Surveyor

Most roles involve getting out and about, visiting and getting to know different parts of London/ cities within the UK.  It’s tangible in that you can point out properties that you have been involved in, whether that be in Valuation, Agency or Property Management.  Being intrinsically linked to dips and booms in the market, the world of property is constantly changing, which makes it an exciting sector to be involved with.  It is also generally a social job – getting out and networking is part of the job.