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Welcome to the World of Surveying

Tags: Careers, Property, Apprenticeships, Website

A 5 min animated video from the RICS created specifically for schools

Introducing Property Careers

Tags: Careers, entry levels, Apprenticeships, Video

Top Vlogger Ali A spent a day with RICS to learn what it means to be a surveyor

Trying out a new career

Tags: Careers, entry levels, , Apprenticeships, Video

Top Vlogger Eve Bennet investigates career opportunities in Property

Pathways to Property

Tags: Careers, Property, Interviews, Apprenticeships, Video

Spend 5 mins meeting some of the brilliant people working in a range of property professions.

Why Buildings Will Save The World

Tags: Property, Education, Video

From smog-eating buildings to greening some of the planet’s most notorious concrete jungles, this is how construction’s brightest minds are working to save our world.

How do we plan our world?

Tags: Planning, Education, Video

Find out the fascinating way by which people who work in property plan the world we live in

Surveying the Olympics

Tags: Careers, Surveying, Olympics, Stadiums, Education, Video

Spend 2 mins with Malcolm Lewis, who managed 5 contracts for permanent venues at the Olympic Park

Careers in Property

Tags: Careers, apprenticeships, Apprenticeships, PDF download

A helpful guide introducing careers in property and providing some examples of the types of apprenticeships available.

RICS website

Tags: Qualifications, Surveying, Training, Website

Find out all about the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors including student membership, support and qualifications

RTPI website

Tags: Planning, Training, Website

Find out all about what its like to be a Planner, and how you might be eligible for a career bursary to become one

An Introduction to Property

Tags: , Education, PDF download

Discover more about the industry and routes in to joining

Where will the world of surveying take you?

Tags: Careers, Property, Surveying, Education, PDF download

RICS booklet aimed at educating school students in the possibilities of a career in Property

RICS Careers Guide

Tags: Careers, Guide, Download, , Apprenticeships, PDF download

Download this official guide from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

RTPI Careers Guide

Tags: Careers, Property, Apprenticeships, PDF download

Download this official guide from the Royal Town Planning Institute

RTPI Apprenticeship – Town Planning Technical Support Apprenticeship

Tags: , Apprenticeships, PDF download

To discover a different route into the Planning profession, take a look at the RTPI Apprenticeship.

UrbanPlan UK

Tags: Workshops, Training, Education, PDF download

Discover the forces that affect land development through a programme of one-day workshops bringing real estate to life for 6th form students

Information for teachers

Tags: , Education, PDF download

Are you interested in a workshop available to your school?

Urban Plan: Inspiring Real Estate's Future

Tags: , Education, Video

UrbanPlan is a realistic, engaging, and academically demanding classroom-based curriculum in which students learn about the fundamental forces that affect land development.

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