Pinewood Shepperton Studios

19 Oct 2021 | Property Needs You

  • 1:Site coverage 75 acres
  • 2:1m sq ft of accommodation
  • 3:600,000 sq ft of development
  • 4:Identified 126 media occupier targets and 25 complementary uses for the park

The infamous Pinewood Shepperton Studios site covers 75 acres with over 1m sq ft of accommodation in Buckinghamshire. Pinewood wished to encourage overseas investment and required creative ideas to enhance its brand and increase capital expenditure. LSH created a cohesive business plan for the media park which outlined all uses which would complement the film studio and meet planning requirements to create a further 600,000 sq ft of development as a media park. As a result, LSH identified 126 media occupier targets and 25 complementary uses for the park.

Fun Fact

The location has featured in films such as The Omen, Hamlet, The Mummy, X-Men, Batman Begins and The Young Victoria.

Who made this happen?

You’ll know yourself from group projects in class, there’s a lot of work that goes into the final result. So these projects showcase a number of key roles (which you can learn about here), but there were a lot more behind the scenes. We’re just giving you a flavour of who did what.

City Planner

  • Interest in the environment
  • Strategic thinking
  • Highly motivated

Development Surveyor

  • Manage relationships
  • Understand the needs of the client
  • Identify opportunities for development through research

Agency Surveyor

  • Purchase land and secure funding
  • Ensuring compliance with the conditions of the tenancy
  • Negotiate terms for landlords and tenants