Property Needs You is a UK wide initiative that aims to work with young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors to help young people make the most out of the opportunities that the property sector could offer career wise.

Through our activities online, at events, in schools and universities and across industry, our mission is four fold.


with students helping them
discover the variety of career
opportunities in property


careers advisers to help their
students make informed
decisions on career


the next generation of
property professionals from
all backgrounds and cultures


the stereotype perceptions of
property careers and
broaden horizons

is brought to you by the following partners:

Changing the Face of Property

Changing the Face of Property is an initiative run by a group of the major property firms. Our mission is to work together to raise awareness of the great career opportunities available across the property professions.

We launched this diversity initiative in 2012 and our membership doubled in 2014.